Our Advancement

Establishment of 丸菱(香港)有限公司
Marublishi Co (HK) Ltd. as a distributor
of a diversity of unique metal products.
Establishment of西菱钢丝有限公司
Westlin Steel Wire Co, Ltd.
Establishment of Tetley Springs & Metal Co, Ltd.
Establishment of Tetley Technology (HK) Co, Ltd.
Salesnetwork were established in the US, Europe, Japan and Korea.
Expansion of factory and entered into manufacturing of parts for the automobile industry.
Tetley was the first company in South China to obtain certification for the ISO/TS 16949.
Establishment of Tai Mao Metal & Plastic Co., Ltd. in Dongguan China
Establishment of Tetley Metal & Electroplating Factory in Huizhou China to assist the development in Electro-plating.
Established branch companies in Canada, focusing on the development of Euro-american market.
Continue to invest in Tetley,
To establish and become one of the most advanced manufacturing companies in China.
Become the OEM of the micro pump.
To produce more than one million a year.
Focus on R & D, manufacturing and sales of micro pump projects.
Complete the certification of all ODMs at the same time.
Research and development of nano bubble technology.
Our Advancement

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