We are venturing into an advance future. Our Research and Development team has been spending a tremendous amount of effort and has been challenging ourselves in the past years on technological advancement. The idea of applying nano-bubbles came from our vision in upgrading the customer services and industrial technology of our business for all sort of industrial, agricultural, environmental and medical world. Our continuous advancement leads us into providing a higher environmental and health conscious and concern of the industrial design and services. This is our commitment to our industry and future of our world.


纳米气泡是纳米级气体(通常为空气)溶于水中,从而能够改变普通水某个特征。通常的气泡的直径大于1 µm, 并且会迅速上升至液体的表面而破裂。

Nanobubble Pumps


Applications And Solutions

纳米气泡泵是浮选、搅拌及溶解的最佳设备,例如气体/液体或液体/液体的混合中,应用范围如下 : 1.浮选 2.臭氧水 3.氧气水 4.脱氧 5.空气泡 6.各种气/液混合物 7.各种液/液的解决方案 8.工业处理

Industrial Application


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